Chris Hallberg: The Business Sergeant

(THE First of many)

The best Sergeants know their stuff inside out.  In the military we call it being technically and tactically proficient. They lead from the front, they earn the respect of their troops, they’re very approachable, and they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty.  They are ultimately responsible for the execution and success of any mission.  Business owners and their leaders really need to have that kind of mindset to succeed in today's complex and competitive business world.

Like a lot of young people, I desperately needed some discipline and accountability when I graduated from high school. And like most young men lacking direction, the military gave me the focus to harness my energy.  It gave me the framework (systems) for how to operate at a high level of excellence, rather than just trying to figure it out or constantly wing it as I went along.

I enlisted at 17 (with Mom and Dad’s signature on the age waiver, since I was not 18 yet). I served for nine years in the Army National Guard in the 34th Military Police Company, rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant.  

During my part time military career, I became a corrections officer at a facility in Minnesota for violent felons, the worst of the worst, so to speak. Not a place where you could let your guard down, even for a minute.  I spent 6 years behind bars in 4 different facilities getting a wide variety of experiences not available to most.

From my experience in the military and as a correctional officer, I saw and understood the difference between Sergeants and officers who were respected and those who were not.  I prided myself on being a strong leader, which is why I got my Sergeant stripes at age 21.  I succeeded because I was committed to be being a leader.  In a business setting your troops will take their cues from your consistent day-in-and-out dedication to serve them, your most important priority as a Business Sergeant.



After leaving uniform in 1999, I started a sales career in the home improvement industry, first selling replacement windows and siding for a remodeling company. I sold over a million dollars of remodeling in one year.  As a sales manager, I helped a remodeling company grow from $3 million in sales to $8 million in sales in three years, and a restoration company grow from $9 million in sales to $20 million in one year.  I then started my own business and quickly scaled it to $2M in sales and ultimately sold the company to focus on helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. 

In early 2014 I was introduced to Gino Wickman and his Entrepreneurial operating System(R). this holistic business operating system and the collective wisdom of the EOS Community has provided amazing and consistent results for me and for my coaching clients.

I spend my client facing time doing three things that I love. #1. Implementing EOS(R) with around 20 active leadership teams at any given time. #2. I coach CEO's and other senior executives one on one in two monthly 90 min. video calls, and #3. Speaking engagements and multi day workshops that get your leaders and future leaders fully engaged, committed, and ready to execute your mission.  I also love to write content (Books and blogs) and help others promote better leadership whenever I can.

My aim is to create game changing training and development programs that utilize both my content and the most proven business tools and partners available COMBINED with a Military team building mindset to achieve powerful, lasting results.

I'm simply the first of many Business Sergeants to come. Everyone deserves great leadership. We will give it to them.