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How many times have you been to a business event and seen a speaker or read a great business book and gotten really excited and inspired to make a change to your business? Like most business leaders probably more than a few times... How come as soon as you try a few of the concepts out they seem to fall flat or are viewed as just another "Concept" by your team and are not taken seriously?  That is because most programs are not holistic, try treat part of the business body, but not the whole thing.  As a business owner, everything has to be systematized to make sure that you’re best serving the client, period.  As a Business Sergeant you have to manage and interact with every aspect of your business, from where the sales relationship begins to final execution.  Every business can be helped by installing a business operating system, where prioritizing and accountability are made visible and systematic.  

First, as the team leader, you need to fortify yourself with some military-grade business logic that’s going to allow you to conquer any business hill you want to assault.  That’s where I come in—to get you thinking in military terms whether or not you’ve ever worn a uniform.  We help business owners and their teams stop accepting poor performance, lack of accountability, and bad behavior from those who really don't care about you, your team, and your business. We care deeply about your best employees and want to help you create and environment where they are engaged, healthy, happy, and delivering top of class results without the typical drags on their work experience such as politics, lack of communication and transparency, and hanging on to the wrong people for way too long. We have helped many businesses go from average to exceptional and we can help you too.


CEO Coach

It's very hard to see yourself playing the game in an objective way.  Chris helps CEO's and their senior leaders become their very best by developing a personalized coaching plan to get them where they want to go.  Chris conducts two monthly 90 min video calls that cut right to the core of what needs to be changed, acquired, accentuated, or removed from your leadership and management arsenal.  Sometime just changing a few things can make a remarkable difference in how effective you are in your day to day interactions with your team, clients, and partners.


Certified Eos Implementer

In early 2014 Chris founded TRACTION INC. to help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams gain traction by implementing EOS(R) or The Entrepreneurial Operating System(R) in their business.  Chris was personally trained by EOS creator and founder Gino Wickman and is considered one of the best EOS Implementers in the world.  Chris, along with his hand selected team of Professional and Certified EOS Implementers(R) are here to help you and your team Implement EOS over 10 full day offsite sessions over about two years.  Please visit for more detailed information about EOS Implementation today!



Chris is available for keynote addresses, workshops, and multi day retreats where he brings his high energy, dynamic, and humorous style to entertain, inspire, and educate.  He will provide actionable content to your attendees so they too can be a Business Sergeant.  Not only will they leave with a new sense of purpose as a leader, but they will have the tools and the skills to make real, lasting change happen in their organizations.