military grade business execution
without the yelling and push-ups


There's a big difference between having a leadership title and being a confident, respected, and effective leader. Chris Hallberg's Business Sergeant's Field Manual is written for business owners and leaders who need a hand with the day to day rigors of operating a successful business. If you're committed to leading, then this book will help you get where you want to go, and it will give you the tools you need to get there.

 The Field Manual is a crucial weapon in the arsenal of any small business leader whose spirit is willing. Chris brings decades of military, paramilitary, and entrepreneurial management experience to bear and delivers a no-nonsense, easy-to-follow handbook full of operational advice that, if applied, will help you make the kind of change that can right a listing ship, or propel a fledgling startup into star-bound success.



               Inside you’ll find 82 Real world lessons covering topics such as:


·       Commitment       * Leadership      * Shared Vision

·       Culture *   Accountability * Marketing and Branding

·        Sales and Sales Management* Understanding Financials * Execution

·       Strategic Partners   *Work-Life Balance  *Downloadable Tools


Remember, there are a lot of people that offer whatever you’re offering. Most businesses offer roughly the same commodities. What separates the exceptional companies from the herd is that their leaders are absolutely committed to their employees, investing in their growth and development, and motivating them to consistently execute at a high level to ensure customer satisfaction. When you invest in your team, you create a work-force that is highly committed to your shared vision, are more disciplined and accountable to each other and your business goals. Being a valued member of a great business unit is much more fun and profitable than what most teams settle for.